About Kefalonia Island

General info about Kefalonia

The name of the island probably comes from the mythical hero "Kefalos" who was the sun of Herms and Ersis. Mythology says he was a great hunter and a beautiful man.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and boasts the largest mountain range in the 'Eptanissa' or Seven Islands. The island is the sixth largest in Greece covering some 737 square kilometres and has a coastline of 254 km.

Kefalonia has a typically Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild with frosts occurring rarely and temperatures, in the main, rising above 5 °C. By contrast, summers are dry and hot with negligible rainfall in July and August. The air temperatures during this time are often greater than 30°C. and in open areas the ground temperatures can be very much higher.

It is famous for its strange geographical phenomena, for being voted as 10th in a world scenic beauty league and recently as the island of Captain Coreli's Mandolin.

Distances from Palatino Hotel

  • Beach
  • Town Center
  • Summer Festival Garden
  • Theater
  • Stadium
  • Port
  • Hospital
  • Police Station

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